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Tue Apr 24 11:31:38 2018

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TitelLife of Günter (view sites with similar title)
Beschreibung 11 Jun 2012, 2:53am data-mine dev by Günter 4 comments Avoiding API Limits via IPv6, lvl: teach me master People who know me, also know that I luv crawling stuff – in this post I will show you a way to successfully break IP based restrictions of APIs...
Keywordsdata-mine, dev, lighttpd, seo, sysadmin, xcache, domaining, nonsense, online marketing, facebook
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Life of Günter. 11 Jun 2012, 2:53am. data-mine dev. by Günter. 4 comments. Avoiding API Limits via IPv6, lvl: teach me master.
People who know me, also know that I luv crawling stuff – in this post I will show you a way to successfully break IP based restrictions of APIs by using a huge range of random IPv6 addresses.
There are various methods API-Providers implement in order to keep their APIs “crawl-safe”:
key based (in some cases still breakable via multi-accounts) no api at all (e.g. html-crawling – worst case: captchas, but usually breakable via **** – though of course very costly)
IP based restrictions (the easiest “crawlable”) So basically I had a 10 million huge dataset that needed to be crawled, unfortunately the API was only allowing 1000 requests per IP per day.
First try: Ok I can do this.. lemme count all my static IPv4 addresses on my servers… 10, so it would roughly take 3 years…
Second try: B*tch please, got DSL, I’ll just reconnect after 1000

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